RIIMPO322E: Conduct Civil Construction Dozer Operations

(VOC Training also available)

Successful completion of this course guarantees you a nationally recognised Statement of Attainment, which will allow you to operate ANY Dozer on ANY Civil Construction worksite across Australia.

Dozers, also known as “Bulldozers” can be either tracked or wheeled. They are equipped with a blade at the front and in most cases have a Ripper Box or “Scarrifiers” attached to the rear. The blade is used to move large quantities of materials such as sand and soil whereas the rippers are for loosening hard ground.

This course will give you detailed training on how to plan a job, operate a dozer and conduct operational and shutdown checks, relocation of the machine,maintenance and keeping a clean worksite.

This course contains both written and practical sessions covering

  • Plan and prepare for dozer operations
  • Operate dozer in line with established requirements to complete work plan
  • Select, remove, fit and use attachments for a dozer
  • Relocate the dozer
  • Conduct housekeeping activities

On successful completion of this course, applicants will have the ability to demonstrate the following;

  • Conduct before and after checks of the dozer.
  • Identify potential hazards and apply safe work practices.
  • Ability to select and fit the appropriate attachments for various jobs.
  • Complete tasks efficiently such as spreading topsoil, stockpiling, ditching and backfilling.
  • Earthworks calculations
  • Various communication techniques necessary for the efficient completion of a job.

Our industry experienced trainers will confidently prepare you for various employment roles within the construction, mining, agricultural industries and beyond.

Our focus is not limited to providing you with industry knowledge and developing the required skills. We ensure you have the confidence and capability to apply all of that knowledge and skill at work.

On successful completion:

  • You will be issued a nationally recognised Statement of Attainment
  • Wallet sized Photo Operators Card with the unit(s) of competency listed
  • Industry knowledge and skills to operate a Dozer

Training conducted in partnership with Forklift Training & Licensing RTO 91548